10 meeting rooms meeting Shinjuku station


I am a hard-boiled detective. I am investigating everything in hard boiled.

This time, we have 10 meeting places around Shinjuku station.


There is no theme suitable for me this time.


Why not?


Because I am meeting with my client everyday.


Every day! Is it?


If you become a detective detective like me, requests will rush.


It is not a lie to be flooded with requests?


It is true.


I will introduce the meeting place from now on to the evidence.




First of all, the classic Shinjuku Alta.


After leaving the JR East Exit Gate, go to the left, there are stairs downward and upward.

I go to the ground on the stairs going up.

Then you can see Alta in the front.

Cross the traffic light, it’s arrival.


eh? I do not understand such?

After all it is not a lie?


Do not rush.

First of all it was only introduced from the classic.

*Speaking of “before Alta” is usually near the entrance on the ground floor. Some people will be waiting for the underground entrance, so be careful!





  • Kinokuniya Shoten Shinjuku main store

Next is Kinokuniya Shoten Shinjuku main store.


Just like Alta, go out to the ground and walk about 50 meters in the opposite direction to Shinjuku Station East Exit intersection.


Even if the client came a little earlier than the waiting time, it would be nice to read the book and save time.


If the client ‘s request is intellectual, I try to make it here as a meeting place.


Will it be awesome?


How do you judge intellectual in a request sentence?


That is a trade secret.

*Every day on the 1st floor of the ground we are fairing something, so if you wait while looking at it there you will not get bored!





  • Don Quijote Shinjuku East Exit main store

Next is Don Quijote Shinjuku East Exit main store.


Go to the ground like Alta, at the Shinjuku Station East Exit Scramble intersection, go straight ahead with the station behind.


After walking about 70 meters, it appears to the right front of the Kabukicho intersection.


It’s about 5 minutes on foot from the JR East Exit Gate.


Because it is at the entrance of Kabukicho, it is a perfect meeting place when there is a use in Kabukicho.


If you do this job, you will end up using more places to wait.


How is it?


Did you know that the request was flooded?

*If a fruit shop with Alta arrangement goes along the street at the corner, it will come out on Yasukuni Street

*When I came to Yasukuni-dori, “Don Quijote” can be seen on the other side. Let’s wait while looking at the goods on the first floor.






  • Eyes of Shinjuku

Next is the eyes of Shinjuku.


I use here when I want to make Shinjuku West Exit a meeting place.


In the case of Shinjuku West Exit, as a meeting place, it is easy to understand before JR West exit ticket gate and Shinjuku station west exit police box.


However, there are many people, it is easy to make a mistake in seeing the intended person.


Because it comes to consulting me in case of a case where we can not consult with the police, it may be that the client may be able to distract the client ‘s attention.


That’s why I always use here.


Leave the JR West exit ticket gate and pass the JR Shinjuku station west exit police box and go to the city center for a destination.


By the way, the creator of the eyes of Shinjuku is Mr. Yoshiko Miyashita of the artist.


It is slightly creepy to move, but as a hard-boiled detective it’s a favorite design for me.

*As you can see the police box on your right hand side, let’s pass there!

*There is such a creepy “eyes of Shinjuku” on the first floor of the Subaru Building.






  • Front of Takashimaya Times Square

Next is Takashimaya Times Square.


It is here that I often use in the case of a client from Saitama.


For some reason, “New South Gate” is easy to use when leaving the ticket gate from the Saikyo line.


If so, you should do it front of New South Gate?


Before a ticket gate is idle, and there is a bench in front of Takashimaya Times square.


It is perfect for the elderly because the elderly clients are increasing in aging society.


Takashimaya just means that you don’t have to worry.


There’s no problem even if it rains because there’s a roof.

*There are other ticket gates besides “New South ticket gate”, so do not make a mistake.

“New South ticket gate” is like this.

*When you leave the “New South gate”, you can look such a scenery. If you go to the left, there’s a bench on the way.  But it is not suitable for waiting for sunny weather or rainy days.

*There is a meeting bench on the left side of the entrance of Takashimaya.

*This ticket gate is “New South Koshu route road ticket gate”

*This is “Millina Tower ticket gate”.

*Take the “Milanata Tower Gate” and go to the right immediately, there is the entrance to Takashimaya Times Square. There is a meeting place for that time and effort.





  • Alps Square

My client also has busy businessmen.


Such a businessman may come to Shinjuku between work and want to wait inside the station.


If you want to meet in the station premises, Alps Square is recommended.


After getting off the JR lines, walk down the stairs and walk towards the east exit.


Between the East entrance ticket gate and the Central East exit ticket gate there is a white, bright and wide place.


That’s Alps Square.


Because Shinjuku is a huge terminal station, it is convenient here when we meet in Shinjuku and go to another place.

*After entering “East entrance gate” and go to the left immediately, there is “Alps Square” right there.

*The area around the Alps Square signboard is the Alps Square. It may be better to designate “before the restroom in the Alps Square” because it may be lost.





  • Carillon deck (Carillon bridge)

It is said to be the Shinjuku pedestrian deck, and we are connecting Shinjuku Nishiguchi Hulk and Odakyu Department Store.


From Odakyu Department Store, take the exit on the ground and you will see a big escalator.


When you climb the escalator, it is a carillon deck.




Illumination is given in the winter, so you may want to dedicate here to relieve the client who is suffering so much that you are suffering.

*The carillon bridge is the place that climbed this covered escalator.

*There is a bench to sit down so let’s sit down and wait while reading.





  • Isetan

Next is Isetan.


With the opening of Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line, more clients have wanted to use Shinjuku 3-chome near the meeting place.


However, Shinjuku 3-chome has plenty of exits, so I’m at a loss where I should be at the meeting place.


So Isetan, a well-known famous spot, comes in.


However, there are still problems.


Even though it is Isetan, there are a lot of entrances and it is hard to find where to meet.


That’s why it’s a basement wine department.


There is nothing like a queue and it is quiet.


Besides, because the client is in an easy-to-understand place, the client will not get lost.

*The Isetan Shinjuku store is always crowded with people.

*When entering from the subway passage, there is a wine corner on the right side which went straight.




  • Bigro

Another great place to meet near Shinjuku 3-chome is Bikuro.


It’s a famous place like Marui and it’s in places where I get lost, but here is only one place so it’s easy to understand.


Among them, the recommended watch department in the basement.


Not so many people, it is recommended in an easy to understand place.

*When entering from the first floor, take the escalator and get down to the basement level 1! You can find the clock department soon.

*The clock department is quite burning even on weekdays.




  • Classical music · Coffee Shinjuku Ranburu

Finally, Classical music· Coffee Shinjuku Ranburu.


It is a coffee shop spreading in the basement behind the Bikkoro written above.


It is a cafe in a retro atmosphere, I like it especially.


It is perfect for calming quiet clients who flow quietly.


If you want to listen carefully to the client’s story, I will decide to specify here.


You heard the client’s story in a coffee shop even in the cartoon “City Hunter” set in Shinjuku?

*The entrance is like a small coffee shop. But when you get in and get down the basement, there are about 200 seats wide space.

*As you go down the stairs, the retro world of Showa will spread. The ground is a smoking area, and all basements are non-smoking.


  • To the End

This is the 10 meeting place for meeting around Shinjuku station.


I am planning to introduce the unique spot that I am familiar with Shinjuku from the classic spot.


Did you know that I was flooded with requests now?


I’m glad if it comes to reference.


If you ask me that the request is flooded, you can write about 200 places to meet Shinjuku’s meeting place, but let’s cheat on this area this time!



(Writer/shoichi karasuyama)